Cacharme Means Hidden Weapon

Cacharme – Hidden Weapon

By Mark Pixler

Carrying a firearm on a daily basis is no minor commitment, especially if it’s not part of your job description. In principle, I agree with firearms trainer Clint Smith’s quote: “Carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable; it’s supposed to be comforting.” In practice, however, if it’s not comfortable, most folks aren’t going to carry.

Experts agree that the best all-around method of carrying a firearm concealed is with it in a belt holster on one’s strong side, and wearing some kind of concealing garment. Given that, one has to wonder why there are things like shoulder holsters, bellybands, fanny packs, pocket holsters, small-of-the back holsters, ankle holsters, faux-phone-case holsters, concealed-carry shoulder bags and briefcases, et al. The reason is, no single method of carry works best for everybody.

Greg Rocque, founder of Cacharme Systems, LLC – after taking his first concealed carry permit class – set out to develop a concealment system that would be one of the most concealed, most comfortable and most accessible holstering systems available. With that goal in mind, what Greg came up with is his company’s Executive I blazer equipped with the Cacharme concealed-carry holster system.

It looks like a typical men’s blue (or black) blazer, but it’s equipped with a patent-pending suspension system designed to support the weight of a firearm, two magazines, and accessories like a folding knife, pepper spray container, tactical flashlight, and – for law-enforcement officers – handcuffs.

Integral to the system are patent-pending inserts that carry the holster and magazine pouches while distributing the weight evenly along the bottom of the pockets inside the jacket. Unlike the typical shoulder holsters worn by police detectives, etc., opening the jacket won’t expose the firearm – it’s well concealed inside the inner jacket pocket. In addition to the “special” pockets, the Executive I features the traditional pockets one would find in a blazer for your wallet, cell phone, money clip, keys, business cards, etc.

Cacharme Systems debuted the Executive I at SHOT Show 2017, and that’s where I first saw it. It made sense to me, especially for anyone who regularly wears a sport coat. It’s not at all uncommon to see people wearing sport coats with jeans, and it struck me as a lot easier to blend into a crowd dressed that way than running around with a photographer’s or fly fisherman’s vest (aka, the “shoot me first” vest).

The operative term in concealed carry is CONCEALED, and near as I can tell, this method appears to be one of the best. You can open up the jacket nice and wide, and nobody can see a gun. There’s no telltale tactical-looking fanny pack, shoulder bag, lump in your front pocket (Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?), or on your ankle (Dude, I know a doctor who can fix that…).

Greg says his ideal customer profile includes men who usually dress in a suit (a kit version of the patent-pending suspension system is available for those who want it in a custom-tailored suit), sport coat or blazer: judges, politicians, lawyers, doctors, law-enforcement agents, states attorneys, business owners, executives, security officers, and limo/taxi drivers. Again, I’d add that anyone who wants to blend into the “business casual” crowd would benefit from Cacharme Systems’ method of carry.

Cacharme Systems, LLC

Fountain Hills, Arizona