About Cacharme Systems, LLC

Cacharme Systems, LLC exists to support people in their pursuit of a full and productive life, and to safely come home to their families every day.

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First of all, why Cacharme? I was looking for a company name that didn’t sound tactical in nature. I wanted something that would sound more like the fashion industry. In looking around, I discovered that Cach Arme is French for hidden weapon. Thus, it became the company name.

Cacharme Systems is founded on three core values:


  • Everyone has a right to be safe, and to protect themselves and their
    loved ones.
  • Everyone who carries has an obligation to be trained, educated and
    to exercise this right safely.


  • Everyone has an obligation to be responsible for themselves and
    their actions.
  • Everyone has an obligation to live and operate within our Local,
    State and Federal laws and Constitutional Rights.


  • Everyone has a right to be safe in, and protect, their home.
  • Everyone has a right to safely enjoy the use of the public spaces provided to us, as well as the private spaces into which we are invited