Instructions for the Cacharme System

(You may also download a printable copy here.)

Congratulations on the purchase of your new coat with The Cacharme System installed. Not only is it a well-designed fashion garment, but also a personal security system.

We want you to be aware of the Core Values for which we stand:

  • Safety
    • Everyone has a right to be safe, and able to protect themselves and their loved ones.
    • Everyone who carries has an obligation to be trained, educated and to exercise safety.
  • Responsibility
    • Everyone has an obligation to be responsible for themselves and their actions.
    • Everyone has an obligation to live and operate within our Local, State and Federal laws and Constitutional Rights.
  • Liberty
    • Everyone has a right to protect and be safe in their home.
    • Everyone has a right to safely enjoy the use of the public spaces provided to us, as well as the private spaces into which we are invited.

As such, our Purpose for existing is:

We hope you get great comfort and joy in wearing the garment, and never need to use the protection system. However, should you ever be in a position to engage an aggressor, your success will be determined by how often you train in the use of the system. We strongly suggest that in your first month with this coat, you take four advanced classes using the Cacharme System. After that, you should take a refresher course at least quarterly using this System. Please visit our website for Certified Firearms Instructors who offer training using the Cacharme System.


Your inserts are custom to each specific firearm and magazine combination. They will either be right-hand draw, or left hand draw.

Right-Hand Draw: Your holster insert will be fitted into the special pocket on the inside of the left breast of your blazer. The corresponding magazine carrier insert will be fitted into the special pocket on the inside of the right breast of your blazer.

Left-Hand Draw: Your holster insert will be fitted into the special pocket on the inside of the right breast of your blazer. The corresponding magazine carrier insert will be fitted into the special pocket on the inside of the left breast of your blazer.

For each of the special pockets, there is a button flap located at the top of the pocket toward the back edge of the pocket furthest under the sleeve. The button flap is to be threaded through the top of the insert in each pocket. This will secure the insert in the pocket. Each time you wear the blazer, make sure the button flap has secured each insert into place. Never wear the blazer with the inserts installed if the button flap does not or cannot secure the insert into place.

For additional security, there is a Keeper Strap that comes with your blazer. It can be attached to the bottom of the insert and threaded through the slit at the bottom of each pocket. Once threaded through the slit, it can be attached to the trouser belt.


Cacharme Systems strives on 100% customer satisfaction. If at any time within 7 days of receiving your order you are not satisfied with the fit, style, quality or design of the product(s), return the item(s) to us in the condition in which it was shipped to you and we will refund your purchased product price 100% or exchange the item.

Keep in mind, many of our products are custom made. Our return and exchange policy does not apply to our custom made products; specifically our clothing lines. Each garment is custom crafted to order and any return/exchange may be subject to a restocking fee. Returns of custom products are at the discretion of Cacharme Systems. Please email us at if you intend to return or exchange your purchased Cacharme Systems product. Please note that the BEST way to communicate with us is always by detailed e-mail. If you choose to call us and reach our automated voice mail, please leave a clear and detailed message.

Product Quality Warranty:

Cacharme Systems warranties all Cacharme Systems products against defects in workmanship for 1 year from purchase date. This includes seams and tears in cloth that are due to faulty materials and workmanship, excluding normal wear and tear and/or abuse. Cacharme Systems reserves the right to determine whether product defect is in workmanship, materials, normal wear/tear or abuse. We will make every reasonable effort to achieve customer satisfaction. Any remedies is at the sole discretion of Cacharme Systems and may include:
– Replacement of the product
– Exchange for a similar product
– Refund of sale price
– Whole or partial credit for future purchases

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

All merchandise accepted for return by Cacharme Systems must be accompanied by the original sales invoice and received at Cacharme System’s main office within two weeks of original delivery. Shipping charges are not refundable. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Any orders we agree to restock may incur a restocking fee.

Any shipment damage or loss in transit must be communicated to us within 5 business days to claim for damage or loss.