The story began with one man’s appreciation for U.S. citizens to exercise their Second Amendment right and to do so with the utmost concealment, comfort, and accessibility.  Here is how the Cacharme system came to be.   

Both the Founder and his wife were avid shooters, including recreational handgun and shotgun target shooting.  As soon as Illinois permitted concealed carry, they quickly signed up for the 2-day, 16-hour CCW Permit class. 

The class had a diverse group of about 20 people—men, women, business owners, insurance agents, shop owners, teachers, urban and suburban residents and more.  They had a great instructor who was extremely knowledgeable and skilled in concealed carry and dedicated two full hours to presenting every kind of holster system, including pros and cons for each. The Founder soon became aware that there was a wide range of systems and a diverse group of interested citizens from many vocations and professions.    

He was excited to begin to exercise his Second Amendment right, but become frustrated with concealed carry clothing options for men. As a business guy who was usually seen wearing a sport coat, suit coat or blazer, the Founder did not want to allow his CCW to be revealed.  He was looking for comfort in his holster system and quick and easy access, if it were ever needed. He wanted all of this built in to his work clothing with additional pockets for normal carries, like pen, cell phone, wallet, money clip, keys, etc.

The Founder began to search the web for such a solution and soon learned such a product did not exist. So, his wife encouraged him to make what he wanted and that is how it all began. 

He pursued a solution that would comfortably carry all of these items, not print or tug on the shell of the coat, and strong enough to hold up to the weight and daily wear.  The innovative design would allow the firearm and magazines to index to the same spot for a full purchase grip every time.

The Founder designed an interliner, or a suspension system, that integrated into a sport coat, suit coat or blazer.  Pairing with that interliner were specially-designed inserts for right hand draw or left hand draw holsters and magazine carriers.  Both components together achieved the desired objectives—concealment, comfort and accessibility.

Naming the company was a challenge.  He needed a name that would reflect a sense of fashion instead of tactical gear.  That’s where Cacharme was born.  In Latin-based languages, Cacharme means: Cache = Hidden, Arme = Weapon.