Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what others are saying about the Cacharme System concealed carry suit jacket through Google Reviews:

Brad Boettner
Local Guide
Easily the best suit coat I have ever owned. I can discretely conceal carry in formal environments without drawing attention. The best thing about it is weight distribution. I would recommend this to anyone who carries a lot of stuff not necessarily just firearms. You can be comfortable all day wearing this and being loaded down. Lastly I would like to add this is a much more durable suit coat than normal. It takes a lot of punishment and still looks good!

Tom Rapp
This jacket is exactly what I needed. It is well made and very comfortable. I would buy another one.

Dick Wortham
Not only is my suit jacket great looking, but it fits well and being on the church security team I can carry my Smith & Wesson and the two mags all day and look good and feel comfortable.

Richard Linneweh
Retired Law Enforcement Officer

  • Looks good, combines well with various color pants/shirts.
  • Hangs well without weapon or mags printing.
  • Weight of weapon/mags rests on shoulders, is comfortable.
  • Weapons/mags fit in pockets well, and don’t show with an open jacket.
  • Plenty of pockets for cuffs, knives, flashlight, and additional personal goods.
  • Pockets of various sizes keep the items secure, no rattles.
  • I noticed that even with all the pockets filled; (weapon/mags/cuffs/knife/notebook/pen/glasses, etc.), friends did not see signs of it being what it is and they were surprised by what was in the jacket.
  • I can see using this jacket for both personal carry and as a security/police officer. The jacket would be good for close security, (Body Guard), of VIP’s.
  • Overall, I liked the jacket. I feel the more I wear it the more comfortable I will be in it. Getting used to the weight and placement of the items will come with time. I like having everything in its place and all available close at hand.


  • Available in only Black & Navy Blue.
  • Loaded jacket is heavy to hold or hang up.
  • Lining and pockets seem thin and may be a long-term wear problem, with heavy and metal items.
  • Loaded jacket can be uncomfortable while sitting and while driving with seatbelt.

Thank you for considering me to test your product;
Richard A Linneweh

CJ Maziarz
This jacket is wonderful. It’s really well constructed and with the optional holsters I feel secure carrying my Glock 43 and 2 spare magazines. The material is so substantial I almost feel as if it could stop small arms rounds (not that I’m going to put that to the test)! The only issue I have is that if you do use the holsters you pretty much lose the use of those pockets since you don’t want other things floating around and causing issues. I also had the buttons replaced with something a little more to my liking.