Learn about our Cacharme FREE holster insert special

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution allows us, as citizens, to protect ourselves and loved ones—with the right to bear Arms.

With our world becoming increasingly dangerous, where crime and attacks seem to happen anywhere, wouldn’t you want a means to protect yourself when that dangerous situation arises? Carrying a concealed firearm is like having insurance—it’s to protect yourself if and when you should need it. Better to be prepared!

Also, a recent study by the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology found that a criminal retreats over 55% of the time when someone draws a concealed weapon in self-defense. And, hundreds of crimes and attacks, of varying types, have been haulted by an armed citizen. With these facts, doesn’t it make sense to be prepared with a concealed carry firearm?

Of course, to conceal carry, you’ll need the proper training, gun knowledge and awareness to handle your firearm responsibly, but you’ll also need to determine how to best conceal your firearm in your various day-to-day surroundings.

While there are many options for casual firearm concealment, Cacharme Systems finally addressed the need for men needing a professional look—such as a blazer.

The Cacharme System has a proprietary lining that is constructed into a fashionable men’s blazer combined with special inserts that hold the holster and magazine carrier of your favorite firearm. The hidden system provides complete concealment and extraordinary comfort to provide quick and easy access. This tactical blazer is perfect for concealed carry in the work place, for Sunday church attire, or even for those requiring a sport coat for their job—from executives to limo drivers.

As a limited time, special offer to USCCA subscribers, you can purchase our Cacharme Executive 1 blazer and get the holster insert free—a $99 value that fits your specific firearm.

View the Cacharme System and follow the ordering process. When prompted, add the promo code “HOLSTER” to receive the free holster offer.  This promotion is good for the “Cacharme System” product which includes the blazer and holster together.