Custom Concealed Carry Clothing

The Custom Concealed Carry System for Men’s Suit Coats, Sport Coats And Blazers

Introducing Cacharme Systems, LLC

The Cacharme System is a  proprietary vest that is constructed into your blazer, suit or sport coat. Our concealed carry clothing provides you with extraordinary comfort and complete concealment while giving you quick, easy access to your weapon for emergencies. The Cacharme system includes:

  • Comfortable: Proprietary weight-balance distribution provides comfortable wear and no ‘pulling’ on the outer shell of your blazer or coat.
  • Reliable Concealment: Completely conceals your weapon yet still accessible.
  • Smart Design: Specially designed and located pockets that hold custom designed paddles for a holster or magazine holder
  • Customizable: Can be created for right or left hand draw and different weapons.
  • Added Convenience: Additional pockets for: Pepper Spray, Cell Phone, Wallet or Money Clip.