Do you have questions about the Cacharme system? Below is a list of the most common questions we hear.

Can your system be added to an existing sport coat or suit jacket?

No.  The expertise to take apart an existing blazer and reconstruct it is not easily accessible, nor cost effective.   Additionally.the Executive I blazers are sized to accommodate the extra room needed for the accessories.  Customers should order your normal size, we’ve already made the necessaryadjustments in sizing.

Is the coat fit considered "modern" style? What style works best?

The Executive I blazer is more of a traditional style.  The fabric is poly / wool and holds the structure well with the weight of the accessories.  It is also not a European / slim fit – again, to help hide the accessories.

Will I need to go a size larger than my normal coat size?

We have already made adjustments in the sizing.  Order your normal size.

Where are your products made?

Everything we sell is proudly Made in the USA.  Our Executive I Blazers are made in PA, and our inserts are made in TX.

Will the system accommodate a 1911 Government frame?

The Executive I Blazer can accommodate a range of about 30 firearms, and the list s growing.  Due to space restrictions, the largest firearm would be the size of the Glock 19.  Also, poly frame firearms would be more desirable due to the lighter weight profile.

6) Do you offer a different button option besides bright brass?

The blue blazer comes with gold buttons, and the black blazer comes with silver buttons.

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