Concealed Carry in the Workplace

Given the recent rise in workplace violence, carrying a concealed weapon while at work can provide protection for yourself and others – adding security you are unlikely to have if weaponless. Concealed carry at work may also afford benefits over open-carry because a perpetrator is unlikely to know you have a weapon, giving you an […]

Concealed Carry Best Practices: 5 Ways to Always Be Prepared

With approximately 16.5 million active concealed carry permits in the U.S.*, it can be argued that concealed carry has become an American way of life. From police officers, lawyers, and detectives, to street salesmen, chauffeurs and anyone in between, safely and effectively carrying a concealed firearm today is critical to everyone’s protection. So, before you […]

Sanctuaries No More

Written by Greg Rocque, CEO Cacharme Systems You’ve heard it before: “When I was a boy, I would go out in the morning and not come back ‘til dusk.” And for me, that was absolutely true, and I pretty much felt safe wherever I went – from riding my bike with friends along the tracks […]

Hardening Targets?

Like so many of us, I was captivated and devastated by the news of the high school shooting in Florida. Calls for hardening schools, arming teachers, deeper background checks and greater gun restrictions continue to fill the news and headlines. These are “easy” actions that will appease many but, unfortunately, they will not likely change […]

Cacharme Concealed Carry Suit Coat Perfect Fit for Glock 19

On January 24, 2018, Cacharme Systems announced that its Executive I Blazer will now accommodate the popular Glock 19 service weapon, in addition a wide range of concealed carry-sized firearms. For men who regularly carry a concealed weapon, Cacharme System’s Executive I Blazer offers an outerwear solution that provides excellent concealment, extraordinary comfort, quick accessibility, […]

Humorous Conceal Carry Inventions

Enjoy some ‘unique’ and humorous conceal carry inventions.

Cacharme Concealed Carry Jacket

Watch a demo of the Cacharme Executive 1 Jacket.

Cacharme Means Hidden Weapon

Cacharme – Hidden Weapon By Mark Pixler Carrying a firearm on a daily basis is no minor commitment, especially if it’s not part of your job description. In principle, I agree with firearms trainer Clint Smith’s quote: “Carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable; it’s supposed to be comforting.” In practice, however, if […]

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