Concealed Carry Best Practices: 5 Ways to Always Be Prepared

With approximately 16.5 million active concealed carry permits in the U.S.*, it can be argued that concealed carry has become an American way of life. From police officers, lawyers, and detectives, to street salesmen, chauffeurs and anyone in between, safely and effectively carrying a concealed firearm today is critical to everyone’s protection.

So, before you decide to conceal and carry a firearm, know the essentials and be prepared.

Here are 5 concealed carry best practices:

  1. The Concealment Holster: Regardless of your reason for carrying, the most important element of concealed carry is ensuring that the firearm is properly protected and secured. Before you hit the streets, consider your holster, its fitting, and its proper accessibility. Never use a holster that wasn’t specifically created for your personal firearm.
  2. Proper Clothing: Wearing baggy clothing or slightly larger pants or jackets can provide more wiggle room to conceal the appearance of your firearm. Steer clear of the bullet-proof vest look. This style is often identified with those who conceal carry and can immediate blow your cover. If baggy isn’t for you, consider a more professional look with a concealed carry blazer.
  3. The Right Gun: Choosing the right concealed carry handgun is a must. Everyone has different strengths, hand sizes, vision, and levels of accuracy. This is why you need to select a gun that is just right for you. For some people, it’s a Sig P226, for others, it’s a Glock 26. Take the time to find the right firearm that matches you.
  4. Keep Hush: Never announce the presence of your concealed firearm. Don’t assume someone will be amicable about your concealed carry weapon. And, you never know who might be listening – especially with technology today. Don’t adjust it in public or draw any attention to what you have on your person.
  5. Know the Law: Of course, concealed carry is no excuse to rise above the law. There are specific state and federal laws you should know before carrying, including, when deadly force is authorized, prohibited carrying places, definitions of threats, and threats of justifiable force. What’s permitted in Texas is entirely different in New York—know the rules!

Be prepared when you carry. Do it with Cacharme.


For the professionals and executives who are required to carry on the job, we’ve created a sharp-looking concealment suit: the world’s first concealed carry holster system. Using a proprietary lining, concealed and constructed into a men’s blazer and combined with special inserts to secure the firearm, you can look good and enjoy excellent concealment, comfort and accessibility. Instead of giving yourself away by the presence of a vest or loose fitting jeans, you can confuse aggressors and other random citizens with a tailored coat that is custom refined.

* latest data from the Crime Prevention Research Center