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CacharmeCCW Blazer

For Professionals and Executives Who Carry

Cacharme Systems, LLC offers the world’s first concealed carry holster system integrated into a men’s suit jacket that is ideal for professionals and executives who are authorized to carry a concealed firearm in their state. Finally, an innovative option that looks great as well.

Our unique Cacharme system is a proprietary lining that is constructed into a fashionable men’s blazer combined with special inserts to hold the holster and magazine carrier of your choice. The system provides extraordinary comfort and complete concealment while giving you quick, easy access to your weapon during emergency situations. Because our integrated system is sewn directly into the lining of the jacket, you will never have to worry about a visible indication of printing or tugging.

The Executive 1 Blazer

The Executive 1 blazer is perfectly suited for those choosing to carry a concealed weapon, yet need to be dressed up for a particular line of work, such as judges, lawyers, doctors, politicians, states attorneys, detectives, agents, security detail, corporate executives, business owners, street salesmen, limo drivers, bailiffs, and off-duty law enforcement.

Additionally, the Executive 1 system includes utility pockets for items like pepper spray, handcuffs, cell phone, wallet, money clip, car keys, and more.

Shop now or learn more about our CCW system and the story behind the name.

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Brad Boettner
Local Guide
Easily the best suit coat I have ever owned. I can discretely conceal carry in formal environments without drawing attention. The best thing about it is weight distribution. I would recommend this to anyone who carries a lot of stuff not necessarily just firearms… More

Tom Rapp
This jacket is exactly what I needed. It is well made and very comfortable. I would buy another one. More

Dick Wortham
Not only is my suit jacket great looking, but it fits well and being on the church security team I can carry my Smith & Wesson and the two mags all day and look good and feel comfortable. More

Richard Linneweh
Retired Law Enforcement Officer

    • Looks good, combines well with various color pants/shirts.
    • Hangs well without weapon or mags printing.
    • Weight of weapon/mags rests on shoulders, is comfortable.


CJ Maziarz
This jacket is wonderful. It’s really well constructed and with the optional holsters I feel secure carrying my Glock 43 and 2 spare magazines. The material is so substantial I almost feel as if it could stop small arms rounds… More

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