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Brad Boettner
Local Guide
Easily the best suit coat I have ever owned. I can discretely conceal carry in formal environments without drawing attention. The best thing about it is weight distribution. I would recommend this to anyone who carries a lot of stuff not necessarily just firearms… More

Tom Rapp
This jacket is exactly what I needed. It is well made and very comfortable. I would buy another one. More

Dick Wortham
Not only is my suit jacket great looking, but it fits well and being on the church security team I can carry my Smith & Wesson and the two mags all day and look good and feel comfortable. More

Dick Wortham
Retired Law Enforcement Officer

  • Looks good, combines well with various color pants/shirts.
  • Hangs well without weapon or mags printing.
  • Weight of weapon/mags rests on shoulders, is comfortable.


CJ Maziarz
This jacket is wonderful. It’s really well constructed and with the optional holsters I feel secure carrying my Glock 43 and 2 spare magazines. The material is so substantial I almost feel as if it could stop small arms rounds… More